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Tails World
All About Tails
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This page is all about Tails.

Full Name: Miles Prower
Nickname: Tails
Species: Fox
Colour: Dark Orange
Eyes: Brown
Age: 13
Sex: Male
Place of Birth: Westside Island
Likes: His friends, flying, having fun, mint candy, building machines
Dislikes: Thunder and lightning, Eggman, Shadow, Rouge
Abilities: Flying, swimming, mechanics
Weaknesses: Can't fly for that long
Friends: Sonic, Amy, Knuckles
Debut: Sonic 2
  1. Sonic 2
  2. Sonic CD
  3. Sonic and Tails
  4. Sonic Spinball
  5. Sonic 3
  6. Sonic Drift
  7. Sonic's Gameworld
  8. Tails and the Music Maker
  9. Sonic and Knuckles
  10. Sonic Drift 2
  11. Chaotix
  12. Tails' Sky Patrol
  13. Tails' Adventures
  14. Sonic the Fighters
  15. Sonic 3D
  16. Sonic R
  17. Sonic Adventure
  18. Sonic Pocket Adventure
  19. Sonic Shuffle
  20. Sonic Adventure 2
  21. Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
  22. Sonic Advance
  23. Sonic Advance 2
  24. Sonic Mega Collection
  25. Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut
  26. Sonic Heroes

Tails Mini-Biography
Tails was born on Westside Island. Tails' parents, Amadeus Prower and Rosemary Prower, got turned into robots by Eggman when he was very young. His uncle, Merlin Prower, decided to look after him until he was old enough to live on his own.
All the kids made fun of Tails' two tails, so Tails turned out to be very shy. This all changed when Sonic came to Westside Isalnd in search of Eggman. When Sonic came, Tails just hid. But when he saw Sonic's speed, Tails just wanted to run after him. Whilst he was running with him he saw Sonic's aeroplane, the Tornado, and he instantly fell in love with it. He has been modifying it ever since. Sonic became his friend and no-one bullied Tails anymore.
Tails has been going on adventures with Sonic ever since that day, and they still remain the best of friends.

The Legend of Westside Island
Long ago, the ancient people of Westside Island used the seven magical stones to build a powerful society. The society began to fall apart as the people fought over who controlled the stones. The Gods were not pleased with this, so they took the stones away from the people and hid them so that they could never find them again.
There are remains of this Roman-esque civilisation in Aquatic Ruin. Westside Island is full of secrets still waiting to be found, and is sometimes known as the "Island of Illusions".

Miles "Tails" Prower

I hope you liked this page!

"I wanna fly high so I can reach the highest of the heavens. Somebody will be waiting for me, so I have gotta fly higher!"-Miles "Tails" Prower