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Tails World
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*News and Updates*
June 22 2012
Tails World's 10th Birthday! I am looking forward to the upcoming HD remake of Sonic Adventure 2, the game that inspired me to create this website a decade ago. I bought the Battle version of the game when the GameCube was launched back in 2002, and I can't wait to experience it all over again!
January 22 2010
The first update in nearly six years! I thought I would just edit a few minor things, but most will remain untouched. I will keep the site up as an archive, a representation of what the Sonic scene's websites used to look like! The site still gets a few hundred hits every month, and is one of the few remaining "original" Tails fansites. It's a shame the Tails fandom died away - I used to love visiting other people's fansites and congregating at TreeTopFlyer. Oh well.
July 30 2004
I haven't updated for 3 months! I have also missed Tails World's 2nd birthday.  But to celebrate, I have made a blog called Tails' Diary. It will include what is happening around Tails, and everything else about him. I hope you like it! Here is the link:
April 12 2004
I added some cool info about Tails on the All about Tails page.
April 09 2004
Wow! Two months since I last updated! Anyway, I have added my first two fanfics on the Fanfics page, and I have also done some tiny little things around the site. There is also a new member to the Tails Top Twenty.
February 14 2004
Happy Valentines Day! As you can see, I haven't updated for a LONG time! I have been thinking of making a new website for Tails World, or put some new stuff on this site, so email me with your ideas. I will try to update more often. There are a few new entrants to the Top Twenty, and my counter has gone WAY up! Update soon! 
August 15 2003: Sorry I haven't updated for a long time. There is a new link in the Cool Links section and 2 new entrants to the Top 20 Tails Sites. I also just did some other small things to the site.
June 22 2003: It's Tails World's first birthday! To celebrate I have made a top site list for Tails World called the Top 20 Tails Fan Sites. If you have a Tails site please join! The link is in the Cool Links page.
June 22 2002: Tails World is launched!

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Hello! I'm Tails World's creator and Tails has always been my favourite Sonic character. On this site I will tell you all about Tails and much more so prepare to have fun!

Tails in Cyclone

Tails Info
Full name: Miles Prower
Nickname: Tails
Age: 13
Eyes: Blue
Colour: Dark Orange
Friends: Sonic, Amy and Knuckles
Likes: His friends, flying, having fun
Dislikes: Eggman, Shadow and Rouge
Skills: Flying, swimming, spin dash, mechanics and building

Cool Tails!

Tails is a friendly fox who was born with two tails giving him the ability to fly, hence the nickname, "Tails". His real name is Miles Prower. His ability to build machines is very valuable to Sonic.

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Since June 22nd, 2002

"I wanna fly high so I can reach the highest of the heavens. Somebody will be waiting for me, so I have gotta fly higher!"-Miles "Tails" Prower