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Copyright stuff:

This story is based on characters created by SEGA, Archie Comic Publications, Inc., and/or DiC Entertainment. Any resemblance to actual characters is not coincidental. The plotline is original (to me anyway). Resemblance to any other plotline is unintentional. Anyone may copy and distribute this work PROVIDED 1) it is not sold, 2) it is UNALTERED (except spelling corrections), and 3) my name is on it as the author.

Intro: All my fanfics are strictly SatAM based. I love SatAM and consider it the only REAL Sonic story. The video games are images of the Sonic reality. SatAM is the "documentary" of Sonic's adventures. Because of unseen events, the documentary was canceled before we got all of Sonic's story. What I will attempt to do is fill in the gaps and make some educated guesses about the unfinished story of Sonic. Think of these fanfics as the Legends of Sonic; they may be true or not, but they are things Sonic could have done in his SatAM universe. Every hero has his legends -- even SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!

Author's comment: This is the second story is a series of thirteen that is my idea of the lost 3rd season of SatAM. I attempt in every way I can to be as faithful to the SatAM universe and storyline as possible.


by BrmSort

I look forward to any comments.

With his uncle clinging on his back, Sonic burned up the ground back to Knothole. Tails, curious about the new power rings, decided to follow. The Hedgehog screeched to a stop at the pool. "Remember, Sonny," commented Uncle Chuck, "purge all energy from the generator after you remove the old stone and before you put in the new one. We'll worry about the hydrofilters later."

Sonic pulled the deep power stone from his backpack. Even in its deep blackness, there seemed to be a glow of the immense energy it contained radiating from it. "Got ya, Unc." As he dove into the cool forest pool, a power ring emerged. Swimming to the bottom of the crystal pool, he removed the sea-green power stone from the generator, purged the energy from the machine, and then set the jet black deep power stone in the machine. *All we can do is wait. I HATE waiting!*

He surfaced, gulping for air. He shook the water off him, scattering a myriad of crystal beads twinkling in the sunlight. He saw that Tails had the power ring in his hand, staring at it intently. As Sonic got the water out of his ears, he said, "Tails, will you take the ring to -- what in Mobius!" The power ring had a neon orange ball floating in the center. Tails looked at a nearby boulder. The ball fired from the ring into the boulder and shook it. Sonic was extremely surprised. "Tails, what did you do?"

"I don't know, Sonic!"


"According to Rachel, the ring was activated by Tails. But instead of the energy entering him, it formed outside of him. It seems that he can use the power rings!"

"Way past cool, huh Sonic?"

"You bet, big guy! But how, Unc?"

"You've been his hero forever, Sonny. You've trained him; he thinks like you. His bioenergy and brainwaves must be close enough to activate the ring but not allow it to penetrate his nervous system." Sonic, of course, didn't understand a word of this, but he took his uncle's word for it.

"Can you do that again, lil' bro?" asked Sonic.

"I'll try." Tails focused on the ring. It glowed and sparked; an orange ball again formed in its center. As he continued to focus, the ball turned green, then blue, then white, and the whole power ring was gone. It had turned into a ball of pure energy in Tail's hands. He again looked at the boulder. The ball fired. This time the boulder cracked in half.

All three gaped. All three said, "WAY PAST!"

"That could come in serious handy, big guy! Unc, can he do that with one of these new deep power rings?"

"Could be, Sonny. The properties will be almost the same, except for the power."

Sonic creased his brow in thought. "We'll wait for two rings. We may both need them."

"Need them for what?" Tails asked.

A mischievous smile crept across his face. "To bust some Snottly tail!"

Back in Robotropolis, Snivley and Naugus were taking full advantage of Sally's helplessness. "There you go, Snivley. All commands have been changed to recognize your voice. Now," Naugus said as he looked down at his crystal legs, "I must be going. Cat!" The robot streaked over and waited for Naugus. "I have placed that spell on her until she finds some way to get me out of this Void permanently. Let her work peacefully. If I see any trouble on your part . . ." Naugus snapped his fingers, causing Snivley's nose to grow three times as long.

"AHHH!" he shrieked, as only Snivley could. "Please, Naugus, put back the way it was! I have given you the Cat. Surely, that shows my good intentions!" Naugus waved his hand, and Snivley's nose shrank to normal.

"Just keep that in mind, in case you get smart." Naugus turned to Sally, who was still working at the console, "Keep up the good work, Princess. You are most kind." With a laugh, which was more like a wheezy cough, Naugus opened the Void, mounted Cat, and rode into the vortex.

But the Freedom Fighters were busy, too. "Here comes the first ring, Sonic!" Tails cried out.

"I know. I could feel it coming." The normal rings, when they emerged from the pool, would agitate the water into a waterspout, glowing a golden yellow. But the deep power ring coming now was shaking the ground. The water surged upward like a tidal wave glowing red! The wall of water collapsed, revealing a jet black ring floating in the air. Tails nabbed it and brought it to Uncle Chuck. "I just want to scan it with Rachel to make sure everything is okay." Rachel beeped and booped for a while, then Chuck spoke up. "Everything seems fine. Energy stable . . . output ratio satisfactory . . . activation code good."

"Way past cool, Unc! I can't wait to try out one of these babies." The ground began to shake again. "Whoa, Unc! What's cookin'?"

"Rachel seems to have miscalculated. I guess we'll have our rings sooner than we thought." Again the water surged, and the water glowed red. "Way cool! We got our rings. Now let's juice!"

"All right, T2. Get ready to motor!" Sonic and Tails were standing at the edge of the force-field. Sonic pulled out the black ring. He raised the black ring above his head to activate its power. A bright blue light exploded from his hand; Tails gasped. "Sonic, what's with the glow?"

"Say what?!"

"You're bright orange!" Sonic pulled out a signal mirror to see what he meant. "Whoa! Unc, what IS with the glow?"

"You seem to be so full of energy that you're glowing. Rachel, analyze Sonic."

"Scanning . . . . . . . . . . . Hyper-charged nervous system, highly-charged electro-magnetic field surrounding his body, overall heightened abilities."

"Way past cool! It sounds like I'm some kind of Super Sonic. Time to kick it!" Sonic charged the field, but before he could even touch it, it disintegrated. "Cool! Let's go Tails, Sal needs us." Tails grabbed on to Sonic. "Time to take off the brakes." With that, he charged forward at a speed he never even imagined possible! "Hang on, Sal. Super Sonic is on the way."

Within a minute, Sonic was at the suburbs of Robotropolis. "HEDGEHOG! PRIORITY ONE! CAPTURE BY ORDER OF SNIVLEY!" Sonic had not expected to see the 'bots up and running yet. "Well, botbutts, here I am, come and get me!" He charged into patrol of SWATbots, only to have them fall before he got there. "This is boring. I don't get to hit anything."

"It must be the electro-magnetic field surrounding you. It destroys anything electrical. I think it's cool!"

"Of course it's cool, but there's no action. Ah, it's wearing off. Good, it's too hard to run that fast in the city. Let's scoot 'n' root, big guy!" They encountered a few 'bots along the way, but shook them off in the alleys. They finally reached Snivley's office to find only Sally there, typing away.

"Naugus probably put a spell on her. Give me the normal ring, Tails. (They had taken one of the rings they kept in storage for specially difficult missions which would require extra rings). I'll use the juice to snap her out of it." Tails, pulled the ring out of his own pack and handed it to Sonic. He walked over to Sally, put his hands around her, placing the ring over her heart. He activated it. The blank look left Sally's eyes. "Sal?"

"Oh Sonic, thank you!" She gave him a peck on the cheek. "Now let's get out of here."

"Not so fast, Princess." It was Snivley, with about fifty SWATbots. "Your going no where fast. HAHAHAAAA! Get it! No where -- Sonic -- fast! HAAAAAHA!"

"Excuse me while a chunk," mumbled Sonic.

"Insult me while you can, Hedgehog. As soon as you're robotacized, you never will again." No one noticed Tails behind Sally and Sonic activating his deep power ring. *Whoa! So much more power!* He saw his reflection in one of the chrome dials on the wall-sized computer behind him. *I'm blue! Blue like Sonic!*

The Void opened up, and Naugus entered the room. "Now, now, Sonic. I can't have you ruining all my and Snivley's plans all the time. Princess, if you want to say anything to Sonic, now is the. . ." He waved his hand above his head and ---

"No!" Tails jumped out from behind his companions. "TAILS!" Sally and Sonic cried. An iridescent ball of energy was between his hands, which he spread apart to form an arc in front of him. He looked out straight ahead. The arc bolted forward like a fork of blue lightning, sizzling everything in front of him. The robots, including Cat, were all fried. "Way past, 'lil bro!" Snivley lay stunned on the floor, but Naugus just stood there.

"AHH! You broke my Cat! But you won't get away with it." He waved his hand, the three friends flinched. Nothing happened. "NO! What have you done to me?"

"See you later, Haggis! We gotta juice."

"That's NAUGUS!" But the Hedgehog never heard him, because he was long gone with his frineds. "I have to get back to the Void before I crystallize." He tried his magic again. Nothing, not even a spark. "NOOOOOOOO!"

Back in Knothole that afternoon, "So, Unc, what exactly did Tails do with his energy. Is Snivley dead? Is Naugus' juice gone?"

"Probably not, Sonny. The energy of the rings are very biologically matched. He probably just knocked Snivley out and kept Nagus from using his egenerizers."

"His what!?"

"The organs in his body that allow him to do all that 'magic' stuff. It's not really magic. He merely generates high-powered energy to rearrange mass or keep control over one's mind or zap them. In other words, he manipulates things with energy."

"So he will get that 'magic' back?"

"Yes, after some time."


After that evening's dinner that Rosie fixed, Sonic, Sally, and Tails went for a stroll in the forest. "You were real cool, Tails -- frying out all those 'bots and taking out ol' Nagus!"

"Cool? Is that all I get?"

"How about -- WAY PAST COOL!"

"That's better," he said with a sarcastic smile.

"He sounds just like you. I can't believe it!" cried Sally with feigned irritation.

"Yeah, he sounds like me, but he thinks smart like you. The best of the best I would say." He took her hand and walked down the path in the woods that they walked every night. "But your prettier," he whispered. Sally blushed.

Tails went over to the ring pool. He wanted to find out what else he could do with the rings.


NOTE TO READER: If anyone likes my stories, please tell me. I will only continue if I get some positive feedback. No reason to put poor Sonic adventures out there. Thank you, and may Sonic live on!